Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All Barbie's Horses

I always loved My Little Ponies more than Barbie dolls. You might think that love for ponies carries over to real horses and horse toys, but not for me it doesn't. I like Fashion Star Fillies & Dream Beauties, but have pretty much always shunned Barbie horses. Realizing the rest of the world didn't feel as I did toward Mattel's onslaught of equine companions I decided to try and find out just how many dang horses the eternal entity, Barbie, has.

So it came to be that there were a couple of days, maybe a week, that I barely slept whilst searching out images of all of Barbie's horses.

Please join me for a look at the most redick complete collection of Barbie's many horses.

1977 Dancer

1980 Dallas

1981 Midnight

1983 Dixie

1983 Prancer

1987 Blinking Beauty

1989 Sun Runner

1991 Champion

1991 Prince

1991 Rosebud

1991 Lucky

1991 Snowdance

1991 Star Stepper with All American Barbie, All American Barbie is Reebok Barbie.

1991 Star Stepper

1993 Country

1993 Western Star Red

1993 Western Star Blue

1994 High Stepper

1995 Nibbbles

1995 Nibbles out of box

1995 Flying Hero Horse

1995 Flying Hero Horse tinsel in mane

1995 Flying Hero Horse saddle

1995 Flying Hero Horse gauntltes and hooves

1997 Star Stampin

2000 Renaissance Horse

2000 Starlight Unicorn

2000 Starlight Unicorn in package

200 Starlight Unicorn with Serafina

This isn't a complete list by any means. I've hunted down the very best images of each horse & will continue to modify this post as I find super images of more of the later 90's horses. Thanks to everyone who unwittingly contributed to this blog...lot of ebayers.

If you dolls had to pick one horse, which would it be?


  1. I am an avid barbie horse collector my self, and I can see that there are quite a few you have missed (:

    Firstly, there's the two 'skippers' which come in a honey colour and dark brown.

    There's Stacie's butterfly pony.

    The whole sparkle beauties collection.

    Fairy-tale collection - lila the unicorn, Marzipan, nutcracker, rapunzel etc...

    There's a brown version of the renaissance horse.

    Tawny, the walking version and the stable version.

    The hunchback series.


    Blue diamond.

    Gypsy Magic.


  2. Also missing is Jumper from 1978. Looks like Dancer but has black airbrushing to the mid fetlock (very similar to Amigo from another line who has airbrushing to just above the knee).